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The Benefits of Having Multiple Jobs

I have friends who lost a job that they think offers them the security. I know small business owners who went back to employment because their business does not earn enough to support a family. These are just some of the stories you hear around you. The realities of the financial crisis can struck you when you least expect it.

These people whom I know personally have suffered the unexpected loos of income because they depend on one income stream. They maintained a single job and didn’t have any form of investment. My personal fear of being in their shoes is what keeps me motivated to maintain several side income and keep my day job at the same time. These side jobs are what we call raket in the Philippines. It may be a small business, a freelance job

It’s not a walk at the park but having multiple jobs has several advantages.
1. Provides Extra Income – This is probably the most obvious reason why people keep several jobs. Having a fix income is no longer enough for a person like me who had a taste of the benefits of having additional income.

2. Provides a Fall Back – There’s no such thing as job security. So, having several side jobs in addition to a full time job provides alternative employment. One of these side jobs can become full time job in the unfortunate event of losing your day job.

3. An Opportunity to Learn and Hone a New Skill – I have been blogging on the side for almost three years already. Through blogging, I learned how to use WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS), learned how to host my own domain and learned WordPress theme customization. These skills that I acquired have also been sourcse of additional income as well.

4. An Opportunity to Network
– having multiple jobs allow you to widen your horizon. Like in freelancing, you would oftentimes be dealing with clients on a personal level. If you have earned your client’s trust he will also give you referrals to those in his network and the cycles goes on.

5. Side Jobs Break the Monotony of a Full Time Job
– Variety is the spice of life. Having only a full time job will make you miss a lot of opportunities to learn and connect with other people. Haven’t you experience a time in your work wherein you wished you were somewhere else? I have and my side jobs kept me motivated to work since I will be looking forward to doing something else.

About the author: Glady is a science communicator who blogs about business, technology, and travel. She has a day job but also busy doing late night money making experiments.

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